Y2W – Youth2Work: Career Support for Unemployed Youth in Europe


It is a Lifelong Learning Programme project, which is aiming to support socially disadvantaged people (disabled, gender, coming from an immigrant or migrant background or living in remote areas) to gain valuable skills and competencies to aid job-seeking and employability. The Y2W network will support the young unemployed people with their individual needs to access the labour market and will help to VET trainers to understand better the needs of the target group.

The consortium is composed of experts in the field of training for groups at risk of social exclusion, such as the unemployed, women, immigrants and people with disabilities. The goal is to create an online community to provide support web 2.0 to the strategy of “peer support” to reduce isolation and build a valuable tool for comparing and training.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

Viteco SRL participated in the project as a Partner Organisation, taking care of the technical aspects of the progect: development of website, e-learning platform and online courses, dedicated social network.





The main project target groups are:

  1. Young NEETs facing an added disadvantage when entering the labour market
  2. Trainers and VET providers dealing with young NEETs

Through the project results, the partners expect that the impact on the NEETs will be, among others:

  • The increase of the number of young disadvantaged NEETs entering the labour market;
  • The increase of their soft skills;
  • The increase in their employability skills;
  • Their increased awareness of the employment options available for them, for example European mobility, or entrepreneurship;
  • Their elevated self-confidence, self-efficacy, assertiveness, communication skills, business awareness levels;
  • The decrease their feelings of isolation and marginalization.

As far as the trainers and VET providers are concerned, the direct impact is expected to reflect upon:

  • The increase in trainers’ skills and awareness of young disadvantaged NEETs’ needs;
  • The raised awareness on EU best VET practices in solutions and techniques to support young disadvantaged



Training needs analysis;

Transfer of the Career Circles to AT, IT, PT, EL and CH;

Online community: Net:Work;

Career Kits;

Final Conference.



Youth unemployment is a serious concern across Europe, with the threat of a “lost generation” resulting. Partner countries in Youth2Work (Y2W) include some of the highest youth unemployment rates in Europe (EL, PT, UK). The worsening of the current economic crisis and funding cuts for programmes helping young unemployed people into work, means that there is even less support available at this crucial time.

Research shows that certain social, economic and personal factors increase the effects of “Not being in Employment, Education or Training (NEET)”. These include having a disability, gender, coming from an immigrant or migrant background or living in remote areas. There is little targeted support for these subgroups, which require much more specific support to help with their individual needs to access the labour market. Y2W provides a tailored support programme to enable NEETs to gain valuable soft skills and competencies to aid job-seeking employability.


The project aims at improving European VET opportunities for young, disadvantaged NEETs, in order to empower them to develop their employability, through

  • The development of social skills;
  • The development of self-efficacy, to regain confidence and motivation;
  • The equipment of VET trainers involved with this group with innovative, engaging and tailored solutions, based on the current EU best practices;
  • The promotion of the concept of EU mobility and creation of opportunities for employment and skills to young, disadvantaged NEETs;
  • The increase of the attractiveness of VET practices to under-represented groups.

The innovation of the project lies in the creation and implementation of Career Circles. Career Circles (CC)were originally developed by Inova, the UK partner of the Consortium, with a focus on supporting women who had taken a career break to return to employment. However, they have potential to be transferred to other target groups, in this case to disadvantaged young NEETs. The CC methodology, enabling learners to exchange knowledge and learn from their peers in a supportive group environment, is expected to have positive results on this target group, as young people are more likely to benefit from peer support and will make good use of the projects social networking tools. The methodology in the UK has been used extensively and with great success for women starting up businesses in a range of sectors and therefore will be easily transferred to additional sectors in the partner countries.



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  1. Cinzia

    26 August 2014

    Hi Tiziana,

    the project Y2W seems very interesting and I am very curious to know if there are any artistic or creative workshops used in the Career Circles learning, coaching and peer mentoring activities.


  2. Silvana

    4 September 2014

    Hi Cinzia,

    thank you for your message! I am glad that you like our project.
    As regards the Career Circle, they are not creative or artistic, but of course they are good for coaching and mentoring.

    Career Circles provide a supportive and reflective environment in which young people talk about their career and the challenges they are facing, with others in a similar situation. Participants are supported in developing self-confidence and life skills that will be needed on their path to work/further training.

    Partcipantsl meet with a group of up to five peers and an experienced facilitator for 3 sessions over a period of 4 months to explore their ideas and feelings about their future working life and complete a range of learning activities to develop your skills.

    If you need more info, I can put you in contact with the partner who is fully in charge with career circles.

    Thank you again and best regards,

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