Writing Theatre

Project framework: 2009-1-IT1-LEO05-00167

Project Duration: 24 months

Project coordinator: IRS EUROPA, Italy

Project website

Partner countries: Italy, Romania, Greece

Target group: Psychologists, Trainers, Teachers, Counsellors and Social Workers working for NGOs, High/Secondary schools, counselling, rehabilitation and reintegration centers (working also with mentally disabled adults and minors, juvenile delinquents, young drug addicts, women and children); social services for the unemployed, immigrants and refugees; area healthcare centers, groups homes, orientation and training agencies and youth centers.

– Realisation of a direct and efficacious transfer action towards specific typologies of organisations (Schools, Training, counselling centres) which benefit of the adoption of the Writing Theatre practice within their working contexts

– Train the trainers, so as to directly integrate their competences, skills and knowledge (teachers, trainers, social workers) as “processes facilitators”

– Realisation of training laboratories addressed to young having left school, aimed at making the trainers trained apply the “lessons” learned.

Project description:

WRITING THEATRE is a project working within the area of school leaving. It was aimed at contributing to the improvement of quality offered by education and training services provided by the different National systems, so as to support the individuals efficiently and to answer efficaciously to the job market and social requirements ever more complex and competitive. The solutions proposed were focused on the transfer and application of training and education practices based on the development and promotion of the creative skills of both young at risk and trainers. The trainers training was centered on the adoption of a method strengthening their role as “facilitator” of learning processes aimed at valorizing the real and potential abilities of the young person. In a wider perspective Writing Theatre intended to produce a change in the Institutions, stimulating them to innovative solutions fostering the development of individuals’ creative skills

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