Training Courses on Creativity & Social Inclusion in London!

Call for participants
TCCSI = Training Courses on Creativity & Social Inclusion
TRAINING 1 – 20-28 January 2016
TRAINING 2 – 4-12 February 2016
TRAINING 3 – 1-9 March 2016
Call for participants: deadline 9th of November 2015
Online Application form:

About BLA
BLA’s courses create a fun, stimulating and collaborative study environment. Interactive programmes are designed so that students can develop and practise the language and skills required to communicate effectively in a range of international business contexts, preparing students for work in industry and for a global career path.
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Short description of the project
The 3 training courses “TCCSI = Training Courses on Creativity & Social Inclusion will take place in UK. Each of them will last for a total period of 9 days (including travelling days). Each time 28 young people from Romania, Spain, Italy, Croatia, UK, Estonia, and Greece will participate. The main focus of the project is on the use of theatre methods in youth work: participants will gain skills and competences on how to promote Intercultural Dialogue among young people coming from different backgrounds to foster social inclusion in youth activities.
Working methods:
Theatre, Applied Drama, Performing Arts.
Main programme elements:
The training is based on practical work: activities will include a very good overview and practical experience of these tools through individual work, working groups and collective work. Each participant will end this project with ideas about how to use these tools in their future actions. A purpose for this TC is to proceed with already existing network members to follow-up plans, to exchange good practices and to prepare future quality projects.
The group will be involved in the following activities:
1st day: Icebreakers, Presentations, and Team-Building
2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th days: Workshops
6h day: LSD Sessions (Learning Space Dynamics)
7th day: Evaluations and future perspectives
BLA is looking for 4 participants for each course:
12 Participants from Estonia
12 Participants from Croatia
12 Participants from UK
12 Participants from Greece
12 from Italy
12 from Spain
12 from Romania
Selection criteria:
We are looking for young people actively involved in youth work (young volunteers, youth leaders, youth workers, educators and social workers, trainers and facilitators) in order to ensure a strong project’s impact through the activities planned for the follow up phase. As well BLA and its partners are looking for potential participants interested or with some experience in arts and creativity, interested in developing new specific competences in these fields, concretely in Social Theatre, Performance and Applied Drama.
We will select 84 participants; application contents will be the bases of the selection’s procedure.
Age limit: Participants from 18 to 30 years old.
Working languages:
You will receive more information about the accommodation after participants’ selection.
from the 20th to the 28th of January 2016
from the 4th to the 12th of February will be THE LODGE in Crystal Palace
for the Training in March and the Evaluation Meeting in April the venue will be Chichester Centre at BLA
Travel costs for selected participants are covered by the project, and they will be reimbursed during the training course in Pounds. Travel costs should be kept as low as possible. Only second-class flights are refunded and Taxis are not refundable. Before buying the flight you should consult with us to see if the price fits with the project budget.
Selected participants will have to pay a participation fee of 35 Pounds.
Costs for board, accommodation and training are fully covered by the organizers.
Training Team:
Zack Polanski UK
Riccardo Brunetti Italy
Paola Genovese UK
Emanuele Nargi UK
How to apply:
Please fill the online application form before the 9th of November 2015
Online application form:
Selection: 14th of November 2015. After our communication you have 5 days to confirm your interest.
If you have any questions send e-mail to:

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