Theatre for Roma Inclusion

Theatre for Roma Inclusion

21-28 May, 2014

Youth in Action
3.1 Training and Networking

Project Theatre for Roma Inclusion was training course (TC) based on using non formal education, theatre and creative methodology tackling issues of anti-discrimination, minorities and inclusion in working with Roma youth. The main objective was to give tools and to empower Roma and non-Roma youth workers working with Roma to facilitate and work in local and intercultural environment.
This project gathered 24 participants from 8 different countries and organizations: Beyond Barriers, Albania; Sunshine Cabaret,Czech Republic; Orma Fluens, Italy; Artemisszio Foundation, Hungary; Center for Intercultural Dialogue,CID Macedonia;Raplection,Croatia; International Network for Culture and Art- INCA, UK,and Regional Endeavour for Art, Culture and Health – REACH, Serbia. During the activities we had opportunity to meet and exchange experiences with organizations from Serbia dealing with Roma youth – Roma Sijam and Roma minors – GRUBB. It was amazing experience!

The creator and organizer of the project was Regional Endeavour for Art Culture and Health – REACH. The project was supported by the European Commission “Youth in Action” programme and is implemented in cooperation with Firestarter Network engaged in the development and promotion of theatre, art and culture, Academy of Fine Arts, Belgrade and Hupa Brajdic production.

Take a look at video created –




  1. Panni

    22 August 2014

    Dear Jelena,

    will be any continuation? Next training on the topic, any event related?
    Reaaly nice work, hope you keep going!


  2. Laura

    22 August 2014

    Hello all,
    very nice project! And some well known faces! Good to know that work continues…
    Sunny greetings from Faro,

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