Talent 4




Project framework: Leonardo Transfer of Innovation fund which is part of the EU Lifelong Learning Programme

Project duration: 24 months

Project website

Project coordinator: Rideout (Creative Arts for Rehabilitation) based in Stoke-on-Trent, UK

Partners Countries: Bulgaria, Italia, Lithuania, Malta, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom.

Target Group: for those in prison, for younger people lacking qualifications or vocational direction, or for those seeking a new professional direction for themselves.

Objectives: Talent 4… is intended for those who feel themselves somewhat adrift, who are lacking direction. It works from the premise that self-knowledge is an aid to that process of finding vocation. In this way it has a wide scope for application; it is not UK-centric. Nor does it require for the learner to have English as a first language. The programme does not even depend on numeracy or literacy as a precondition for participation. Hence its suitability for transference between national borders and across age ranges.

Project description:
Talent 4… uses play and creativity to identify the natural skills and talents of the participants.
Originally developed within the context of the UK criminal justice system it works widely across the fields of arts and criminal justice.

The Talent 4… program aims to assist offenders and others who are facing the challenging of finding employment, by identifying their skills and talents. This diagnostic approach proceeds from the premise that often learners are unaware of what they do well. They imagine that skills and talents are all about qualifications or work experience. We argue that skills and talents are accrued during a process of growing up whether that individual is in work or out of work, whether that individual has spent time in education or has never been to school.

Talent 4… is a three day program at the end of which the facilitators can give an assessment to each individual’s skills and talents and what kind of employment territories would be most suited for that person.

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