1. Stazioni – comprendere gli aspetti della migrazione attraverso il Teatro Forum

    INTRODUZIONE La rappresentazione, ‘Le Stazioni’, del Teatro Forum nasce da un processo di creazione durato 3 mesi svolto nel corso di un progetto internazionale biennale ( Il progetto ha affrontato i temi dell’ isolamento sociale partendo dalle esperienze personali dei partecipanti. Il processo creativo si riflette su diversi livelli: gli...
  2. FOTEL – Forum Theatre against Early School Leaving

    The objective of the project is to examine to what extent the application of Forum Theatre methodology by teachers, combined with practical knowledge about intercultural relations, may reduce the risk of early school leaving by youth aged 13 to 16. We have finished second phase of the project. After publishing the research report called Examining Early School Leaving Factors in Five European Contexts we conducted pilot workshops in local schools and their final effect was the Forum Theatre play of course. You can find videos recorded in five countries during the workshops, rehearsals and final performances on our FOTEL Project youtube channel.
  3. FRATT – Fighting Racism Trough Theatre

    The FRATT project study and compare different ways to face racism. The objective is to improve the practices of trainer in order to create a global approach of this theme. I believe that this can improve the minorities capability to react against racism and discrimination.