1. FOTEL: combating Early School Leaving by Forum Theatre

    This Learning Path contains a lot of exercises of drama and Forum Theatre, used during the project in different countries, among diverse groups of disadvantaged youngsters but for the same aim: to understand better the factors why the students leave the school before finishing it and to try to find common solutions, empowering the youngsters in risk.
  2. Play to change! theatre training for youthworkers

    PLAY TO CHANGE! was an international training for youth workers held in Budapest, summer of 2012, financed by the Youth in Action Program of the European Union. At this international youth meeting on the theme of social inclusion in urban environment, cultural diversity, active participation and mutual learning were core values. The project took place in Budapest and aimed to give specific tools for the participants to develop their inclusion work in cities.
  3. Stations – understanding aspects of migration through Forum Theater

    INTRODUCTION The forum theater play, the Stations was born from a 3-month- long creation process as part of an international, 2 –year-long project. The project addressed social isolation, starting from the participants’ personal experiences. The creative process reflected on different levels, aspects of social isolation such as the emotional circumstances...