Short introduction

SMILE stands for Schools Museums Internet Learning Education, and is a training course for teachers throughout Europe. The SMILE method addresses issues of the best use of archives, libraries and museums, cultural heritage in education and training,


Project framework

EU Lifelong Learning Programme Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation project 2010-2012


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Project coordinator

Tinta Education Ltd (SE)


Partner countries

Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom


Target group

VET-professionals, professionals in cultural heritage, archives, libraries and museums



The SMILE-method has become a flexible way of addressing issues about integrating culture and heritage with learning and education through digital media. The courses are run through the EU LLP’s adult and teacher education programme and are established in Sweden, Ireland, Turkey and Italy. The courses are amongst the most successful within the LLP program, with 26 courses since 2002, with over 600 participants.

SMILE-VET is a project that aimed to develop a similar training course for the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector with special reference to VETPROS within cultural heritage and for archives, libraries and museums. It also had a special reference to learners with special needs. The SMILE-VET project created educational tools for VET which in the long term will strengthen the quality of VET teaching in Europe.

The partners integrated the SMILE methodology and facilitated the transfer into Austria, Denmark and the U.K. This was done through the dissemination of an interdisciplinary material and training course.


Project activeties

The project SMILE-VET resulted in three products:


A booklet (curriculum) with essays, examples of good practice and exercises.

An e-Learning hub for teachers with exercises, media, quizzes etc.

A training course for teachers: a chance to visit new places, rural or urban, and explore them in a new way.


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