SILO project ends with positive results

Does a percussion workshop help to improve social and professional skills? At SILO project we believe it does. Exploring creativity as a way to improve the skills and abilities of the population at risk of exclusion has led the European Project SILO that next August 31st comes to an end with positive evaluation by both the participants and the professionals involved. Through different artistic workshops the participants have had the chance to work key elements for their work life such as flexibility, commitment, negotiation skills, teamwork and communication.

The pilot test conducted by ABD was attended by a group of 13 people from different ABD’s services, all of them working-age and motivated to find a job. Participants attended a weekly workshop focused on the creation and design of an instrument (a drum) and a percussion workshop lead by a musician. The practicioners have highlighted how the participants’ interest increasingly grew as the sessions went by and they worked with a common goal.

This experience has been enriching not only for the participants but also for practitioners. To Aldana Menendez, responsible for Health Programs at ABD, “one of the most interesting elements of SILO tools is that they are complementary to the daily work developed by different services of the entity with the people they take care of”.

Due the European nature of the program participant entities have had a firsthand knowledge of complementary experiences conducted at partner countries among which are England, Poland, Greece and Bulgaria.


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