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Grundtvig Multilateral 2011-2013

Sheherazade’s tale is a parable of storytelling power, that’s why the project bears his name. The whole idea of this consortium was to explain how storytelling – to tell and to listen stories-  can be practice as a learning technique.

Project Coordinator

Alden Biezen, Belgium

Project Website

Sheherazade website

Partner Countries

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Ireland, Norway, UK, Sweden

Target Group 

adults, language learners / teachers, professional storytellers, teachers & educators, refugees, actors, trainers, schools, cultural organisation, libraries, social workers, well-being professionals, tourism professionals


The concrete Sheherazade project objectives are:

  1. To raise awareness of the potential of storytelling and to promote storytelling as an educational tool in different fields of formal and non formal adult education
  2. To develop new methodologies and materials for using stories and storytelling in adult teaching and learning
  3. To test these innovative approaches and new content and include them in initial and in-service teacher training courses
  4. To promote stories and storytelling as part of formal and non-formal adult training
  5. To make resources for storytelling available
  6. To introduce storytelling in formal and non-formal adult learning

Project description :

The project emphasise that storytelling is both a creative and performing art form and not simply the oral recitation of a written story. It is an interactive activity, that’s why there could be several versions of the same story. While often seen as a pedagogical tool for children, it can also be used in training programmes targeting adults. Whether we are talking of folk tale, myth, personal stories or traditional storytelling, the Sheherazade’s methodology or technique is the result of non-profit organisations, theatres or adult training institutions experiences. Storytelling technique helps learners to conceptualise the learning path, it empowers them, it facilitates communication and personal growth. The project also explores the theoretical foundations to support storytelling as an educational tool. Through research, interviews, good practices and lot’s of testimonies, the project presents several trends that stand out in the methodological approaches used for integrating storytelling technique into adult training.



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