RIGHT – promoting global citizenship education through digital storytelling

Comenius Multilateral 2011-2012 

Project Coordinator

Università degli Studi “Guglielmo Marconi” 

Project Website

Partner countries

Italy, Bulgaria, Portugal, Turkey, Norway, Spain, Switzerland

Target Group

Secondary school teachers, students


  • Promoting Global Citizenship Education in the EU secondary schools curriculum;
  • Delivering innovative ICT-based tools to enhance teaching and learning that foster initiative, innovation, creativity and adaptation to the rapidly changing world of work in globalised societies;
  • Delivering a training methodology through new learning approaches based on digital competences, as well as social and civic competences and cultural awareness and expression.
  • Understanding and comparing current experiences and expectations of secondary school teachers and students of the seven European partner countries around Digital Storytelling (DST) and Global Citizenship Education (GCE).
  • Involving students in a creative and collaborative learning process improving their digital competences while at the same time getting them involved in GCE related topics through the production of digital stories
  • Promoting in the school European system a “learning by doing” model that stimulates different learning styles and increases the level of student engagement in education as well as in the social environment
  • Creating a trans-national online learning community

Project Description

The key project activities are the following:

– A Comparative Research, which was successfully conducted in all partner countries;

– Technological Design & Development of the RIGHTS course and e-learning platform;

– Testing of the RIGHTS e-learning course by secondary school teachers and students in all the partner countries (the course will start in November 2012).


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