Project RefugeesIN – Cinema for Refugees Social Inclusion

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Adult learning opportunities for social inclusion by critical analysis of European cinema and documentary film making on inspiring refugees’ life stories

 What is RefugeesIN?

RefugeesIN is a European Project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, coordinated by AidLearn, Portugal and partnered by:

  • Hamburger Volkshochschule, Hamburg, Germany
  • Centro Studi Citta Di Foligno Associazione, Foligno, Italy
  • Slovenian Third Age University, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Desgin & Technology, Dublin, Ireland
  • Greek Council for Refugees, Athens, Greece.

Now that we are living a humanitarian calamity of historic proportions with individuals facing complex and painful processes in their adaptive pathways to European societies, films should more often convey refugees’ successful stories of social inclusion. But is it really so?

Have the negative social beliefs on refugees been replaced by those of social inclusion more in tune with the evolution of multicultural societies? Are the achievements of former refugees, now well-included in EU societies, sufficiently visible to have a central modelling role for the inclusion of newcomers?

Who is it for?

The project outputs are primarily targeted at adult educators (of refugees), adult education providers, staff and civil society organisations, adult education and social inclusion specialists, and European film experts.

The project also aims to raise public awareness about cohesive and inclusive societies, on the role of films in fostering social inclusion representations and  how refugee communities can be addressed today. What about film education to this end?

How are we doing it?

RefugeesIN offers an innovative cinema-based Pack (with Brochure, Film Catalogue, Course and Guide) for use by professionals to encourage intercultural dialogue, combat discrimination against refugees and promote their social inclusion.

Cinema is used as a tool for breaching stereotypes and portraying actual and inspiring life stories of former refugees who can play a modelling role for the  social inclusion of newcomers.

During Pilot Courses short documentaries are made by the refugees themselves and from real stories of social inclusion.

How can you participate?

Partners are setting up an external pool of experts (EPE) composed of representatives of: 1) refugee communities, 2) adult education and civil society organisations (NGOs) and 3) cinema experts, who will be consulted on the project outputs for recommendations and suggestions for improvement.

Interested? Contact us for more information!

When will it happen?

  • Jan. – Jun. 2017: Brochure. Success stories of inclusion of former refugees
  • Jan. 2017-Feb. 2018: Film Catalogue. Feature length films and short documentaries
  • Jun. 2017 – Feb. 2018: Course. Shooting the short documentaries
  • Jan. –Jun. 2018: Guide: Recommendations for the best use of the Pack assetsPrint
  • Mar. –Apr. 2018: Promotional Seminar
  • Jul. 2018: Delivery of the final RefugeesIN Package
  • Oct. -Nov. 2018: Conferences & Film Festivals

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