Photography as Methaphors of Self Construction

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The E.T.R.A.-project was a EU supportet LLP-project developing methodological guidelines.ETRA means education through rehabilitative artsphoto. But what do we mean by art? Art, in this project is understood as any expression of human activity that shows personal vision through the interpretation of reality or imagination with visual resources – mainly photography.

This Workshop – Photogeraphy as Methaphors of Self Construction – was developed by Provincia Di Perugia, Italy.


STEP 1: Selection of own photographs. Participants worked with photographs took by them. The printed images were arranged on the space available. Each participant was asked to choose images (from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 10) that he liked the most, and that they were more representative for them.

STEP 2: Creating your own space of meaning. My story, my home. The selected images were arranged in a large white sheet. The participants were asked to choose autonomously where to put the photos. The assignment was to create a story with a personal meaning.

STEP 3: Writing down associative word. Participants are asked to find words connected to each photograph. The words should be written spontaneously. They are supposed to describe emotions, sensations and or memories.

STEP 4: A meaningful title for the personal creation: Participants are asked to examine the photos and words they have written and to explore if they can find a title to name the entire collage.

STEP 5: This is my home. In this phase, each participant has “invited” the other members of the group to discover their “home” (the personal collage) explaining the reason for every choice made (pictures and writing). ln this way participants were able to share the personal meaning of theirown creation.

STEP 6: Creating the map of the town of the group: in this phase it was decided to create a map using the collective creation made by individual members of the group. An entire wall was covered with paper on which participants have attacked their collage by selecting the location on the map. Through the art materials available have been asked to create connections between different houses I collage (roads, parks, shopping, adding characters, etc.) constructing a map of the collective group.

STEP 7: A meaningful title for the group creation: Participants are asked to examine the map they had created and to find a common name of the city.


You can find more inspiration from the E.T.R.A.-project on the website:

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