ON.S.C.E.N.E. – Organizing New Skills for Creative Enterprises and Networks in Europe




Leonardo da Vinci  Multilateral project


O.N. S.C.E.N.E is a two-year project aiming to promote professions related to stage design and stagecraft in four European countries: Italy, Spain, UK and Greece.


O.N. S.C.E.N.E.  considers creativity and culture as key resources for employment, career development and social inclusion.






Project coordinator


Universita’ deglii Studi di Perugia, Italy


Partner countries


Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Greece


Target group


Creative and culture industries in the field of scenography and stagecraft in Europe




The overall aim of the O.N.S.C.E.N.E. is contributing to the development of creative and cultural industries in Europe particularly in four European countries, Italy, Spain, UK and Greece, the project’s focus relates to the field of scenography and stagecraft.


In order to meet these aims, the partnership is working together to:


Identify the outstanding aspects of the cultural and technological evolution of scenography and stagecraft,


Design and develop common training and learning pathways through competency-based unit models focusing on labour market needs.


Improve on-the-job learning and work experiences enhancing creativity, lateral thinking and entrepreneurial spirit.


Enhance an active collaboration between universities and the creative and cultural industries, involving local communities and institutions, developing pilot experiences for ‘creative factories’ focused on scenography and stagecraft professions.


Project  description


Scenography and stagecraft incorporate a wide set of skills and competences; from set design to the assembly and construction of the ‘scene’, to technical jobs related to sound and light, to specific expertise in carpentry, metalwork, electrical systems and plumbing, etc.


Therefore the stage or the performing space represent an extraordinary learning environment where many social, educational, creative and cultural experiences occur.


However, the very limited opportunities this sector has in terms of specialized education, professional development, vocational training is a challenge – as well as in the technical professions that support the arts, such as theatre lighting, sound design, etc.


In this context, the need to improve European cultural and scientific-educational awareness regarding the relevance of these professional sectors finds its relevance.


ON SCENE aims, on one hand, to value and improve the educational and cultural potential of scenography and stagecraft sector and, on the other hand, to contribute to the enhancement of training and employment opportunities in a highly interdisciplinary field within the creative industries.




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