New Bridges to Autism



Project framework: LLP Grundtvig Accompanying Measures- Project Number – 135790-LLP-1-PT-GRUNDTVIG-GAM

Project coordinator: APPDA – Lisboa Portugal – Associação Portuguesa para as Perturbações do Desenvolvimento e Autismo

Partners: Belgium, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia
Target group: persons with autism and their families


  • To raise awareness of the lifelong educational needs of adults with autism and their families.
  • To explore innovative activities in the field of music, arts, computing and sports.
  • To disseminate the outcomes of the Grundtvig projects coordinated by APPDA-Lisboa International Project “Side by Side Curso online”.
  • Thematic Seminar “Bridges to Autism” survey on lifelong educational preferences of adults with autism – 22 February 2008, Algés, Portugal

Project description:
People with autism show preference for computing, art activities, music and sports. This project aims to produce teaching and learning materials to implement activities for persons with ASD at local level in clubs, museums, cultural and leisure centers.
The activities are related to the practice arts and crafts characteristics of each geographical region.
To meet the needs of adults with ASD the consortium has created a toolkit to implement workshops for persons with autism.
The toolkit is simple document plenty of illustrations, photos and drawings to easily replicate the workshop in a non-formal or informal context with the support of a teacher or trainer.
The toolkit is related to activities in the following areas: ceramics, leather,
Painting, arts, music and are available in six languages: Portuguese, English,
Spanish, Check, Slovenian and German.

Link to the toolkit

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