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A vibrant multicultural e-library with traditional and contemporary children’s stories from different cultures: Swedish Belgian, Czech, Turkish, Greek, British, Tibetan, Haitian, Russian, Armenian, Arabic and Kurdish, the MultiLib e-Library is accompanied by a Teacher Guide, a Book of Activities and Case Studies.

This the European funded project: ‘MultiLib -The Multilingual Library for Children in Europe’.

The need for the project stems from the fact that primary school teachers necessitate to increase their repertoire of training to tackle the challenge of teaching increasingly multiethnic and multilingual classes.

A direct way to tackle integration is to promote awareness of mutual cultures and create ways of interconnection within a collaborative environment where various elements of a culture can be shared and enjoyed among young students.

Primary school teachers need:

– teaching tools to promote multicultural experiences within the classroom and fit them in the national curriculum

– to expose children to the beauty and richness of European and migrants’ languages and cultures through formats that motivate and engage them

– didactic activities to foster mutual understanding and communication in children with diverse backgrounds, while reinforcing literacy, language learning and a legacy of transversal competences.

Project objectives:

The project will help teachers enable primary school children, both from local and migrant background, to:

  • develop a sense of social inclusion
  • enhance intercultural understanding
  • make children from ethnic minorities, and particularly from newly arrived migrant families, proud to share their culture and language, and pleased to learn about others
  • acquire skills that will contribute to their future employment in a labour market increasingly requiring multicultural knowledge, mobility (therefore language skills) and ICT competences
  • enjoy collaborative educational activities with creativity and fun while enhancing love of reading, literacy, language and artistic skills
  • improve technology and ICT skills.

Resources are ready:

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