Join the Circus! training on social circus for youthworkers

ArtemissziĆ³ Foundation together with INCA network organised a training course bringing together 22 participants and 3 trainers from 8 different countries. The aim was to create a useful and innovative training through circus arts, to support cultural diversity and fight against social exclusion. The main goal was to encourage active participation in social issues, promote equality and inclusion by the development of the skills of youth workers and activists and support them to realize projects with the tool of social circus, that they acquire and try out during the training.

Basically the training focused on circus workshops as tools that can help the inclusion of marginalized groups of youngsters. The participants came from organizations which work with circus or other related performative arts, using them though participative workshops with disadvantaged groups. This field of social intervention, called social circus, is a young and fastly developing range of today’s youth work, so we felt the need of sharing our knowledge on an international level.

The training course gave creative space for the participants on two levels: partly by non-formal workshops proposed to the participants by the trainers , and also by social circus workshops delivered for the local community of disadvantaged youth by the participants. This is how the workshop became a forum of learning from each other, by the fieldwork to the local community, the reflection on it and sharing relevant practises. The training also supported local social circus initiatives by its fieldwork and intervention in local community where the local youth and the participants of 8 foreign countries met and interacted.

Our results are the following:
– we shared techniques of social circus arts and non formal education methods. The participants have learned techniques on juggling, acrobatics, clowning, and physical theater that can be used with youth groups.
– we exchanged ideas about how to solve problems and overcome difficulties in our work, the participants became more reflective about how to deal with cultural diversity.
– they also experienced a part of our social reality in Hungary, from an inner point of view, by meeting the locals, which gave them a wider horizon about the European social challeges we face together.
– the participants and the disadvantaged local youngsters created a performance together, which was open to the public. In the interactive perfomrance, the audience experienced different circus techniques, gained knowledge about social circus, and witnessed a circus show about social inclusion, where local disadvantaged youngsters were performing together with our international participants.
– special methods of community circus and other applied circus methods were shared and a local social circus project was visited as a fieldwork experience in a youth center called Pince. During this, participants could share their knowledge and learn from each other as they established connection and made a positive impact on the local community. This work ensured the creative dimension of the project focusing on inclusion.
– we empowered young people to act against social exclusion and be more actively involved in local actions
– we created and developed sustainable and innovative activities on an international level to support youth work by sharing strategies and creative tools of intervention
– we strengthened the relations between the youth workers and the non-governmental organizations on the European level
– we were planning future projects that are dealing with social issues, using the frames of the Erasmus+ Program
– we created a network of organizations working with similar target groups
– we developed intercultural competences of the participants.

Short video about the project:

The training was realised in the framework of the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union.

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