New Educational Journeys for Adults: Enhancing Family and Intergenerational Learning Through Photography, Film and Animation


Grundtvig Learning Partnership Project, 2010-2012

The project involved young parents and seniors from socially disadvantaged contexts in study circles on European films, animation, photography and IT courses. The learners increased their intercultural awareness discussing documentaries and culture films of each European country. They developed their IT skills and creativity in creating stop motion animation stories based on family events or cultural history and depicted in photo albums or short video films to emphasize the intergenerational ties and heritage.


Project coordinator

Pakruojis Adult and Youth Education Centre

Partner countries

Czech Republic, Finland, France, Greece, Lithuania, Turkey, UK

Target groups

  • young adult parents and seniors (grandparents) mainly from socially disadvantaged contexts ( those who have children/grandchildren under 18, left education without basic qualifications, from low-income families, unemployed or geographically disadvantaged)
  • adult trainers

Project objectives:

To get new ideas to decrease deficiency of intergenerational communication, develop and improve adult education activities through family and intergenerational learning, by:

  • exchanging experiences and good practices of involving adults to learn in a family and intergenerational environment
  • stimulating and facilitating development of innovative family and intergenerational activities, methods and approaches in participating institutions
  • developing adult learning environment and enriching everyday practice in partner institutions through intergenerational activities on photography, films and animation
  • enhancing availability of educational opportunities for socially disadvantaged seniors and young parents and improve their knowledge in new technology, social competence and intercultural awareness
  • giving an opportunity for adult education trainers to learn and benefit from each others
  • promoting adult education via family and intergenerational learning at local, national and international levels

Project activities/results

  • Transnational meetings for exchange of experiences, practices and methods, learners’ learning outcomes and carry out workshops during them for sharing activity plans/ideas on incorporating family and intergenerational learning in training activities
  • Workshops for adult trainers for animation filmmaking to transfer innovative practice of BFI (British Film Institute)
  • Different European countries’ documentaries, short films about history, culture, cultural identity
  • Materials for study circles and carry out study circles “Films: Discoveries of European Culture” to raise learners’ knowledge on European citizenship, cultural identity, art, history
  • IT, Stop-motion Animation, Photography courses
  • DVD with animation films, video clips, photo albums created by learners about family, intergenerational values, cultural heritage
  • Compendium with partners’ best practice and a website for dissemination of ideas and results



  1. Jan Ulrik

    13 August 2014

    Dear Lukasz,

    Thank you for bringing attention to this project. I think you could put it in the film and photography categories as well.

    Unfortunately, I think the website for dissemination of ideas and results are not running any more. It would be great with a link to a presentation of ideas.


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