How to promote intergenerational bonding through creative digital media: The mix@ges experience

Intergenerational bonding and dialogue are increasingly important. Family structures are changing as more and more children and young people grow up far away from their grandparents and an increasing proportion of the population grows old without having children and grandchildren. There are few opportunities for young and old to meet each other in a meaningful way, in daily life. mix@ges was seen as an opportunity to remedy this by combining arts and new media with intergenerational bonding and learning. mix@ges workshops took place in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Scotland and Slovenia. Three workshops were held in each country. Some of the workshops took place in arts institutions and museums and others in community settings. Arts based projects are well-suited for non-formal learning environments and provide opportunities for participants, regardless of their educational background, to bring and share their individual skills and personal experiences. Creative activity happens on both an emotional and personal level and promotes meaningful activity leading to a tangible outcome that can be jointly and proudly presented. All the workshops were evaluated by both participants and facilitators / artists.

The mix@ges project illustrated many ways to tap into the potential of older people and share their experience and social skills as well as recognising and learning about the skills and insights of younger people. By combining generations, the arts and digital media, the project entered new territory. At the start of the project we did not know what shape and dynamic the project would take, who the appropriate facilitators and artists were and which digital techniques really suited the project’s purpose. We are overwhelmed by the wealth of experiences, high quality artistic results, unexpected talents and terrific enjoyment mix@ges provided us with. With our book we wish to share this plethora of experiences. The reader will find both detailed descriptions on how the mix@ges workshops proceeded and our findings and lessons learned around eight inspirational themes. Useful information about partners, links and references complete our manual.

The manual is available under

In the mix@ges workshop Suburb-City-Home young and old jointly explored their neighbourhood with a tablet PC. Photo: Janet Sinica / SK Stiftung Kultur


  1. Jan Ulrik

    13 August 2014

    Dear Almuth,

    The mix@ges looks like a quit interesting project, and I believe that art based education must have a great potential in mixing generations. I hope to find time to read through your beautiful manual.

    In the ARTES community, I think it would be nice with a brief example of a concrete experience – just in case I don’t find the time for the manual.


    • Almuth

      22 August 2014

      Hi Jan,
      thanks for your comment. On the you find brief descriptions of all experiences. Just let me know about which one you want to learn more.

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