FRATT – Fighting Racism Trough Theatre

Grundtvig Multilateral 2011-2013

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Project Coordinator

Cooperativa Giolli

Project Website

Partner Countries

Spain, France, Germany, Italy

Target Group

– migrants.
– activists
– students, refugees
– also associations of citizens combating racism.


To reach a good level debate and reflection on our own practices, creating a handbook, a DVD to be shared with other organisations based on our 4 national wide experiences (SP, FR, IT, GE).

But also:

1) Experimenting different lines to prevent and to face racism in European societies: working about daily life racism, about feeling of social insecurity, about how to solve multi-cultural conflict, about daily discrimination.
2) To reflect about different experiences and finding some common guideline or suggestion, improving the work of single partners in their own country
3) Creating a permanent network among partners to deepen this kind of research also after the project ending.
4) Attempting to draw an holistic and complex approach on how to use theatre combating racism today in Europe.

Project Description

Trough theatre experience with different groups, the project produced several workshops with people from different organisations and forum plays for a general audience. The different plays reinforced reflection over discrimation and racism in groups and minorities. Citizens from Spain, France, German, Italy worked together with other European organisations fighting racism and helped migrants and disadvantaged groups.

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