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What is Early School Leaving? What are the reasons, why is it happening and what is the result of it? How to combat? How can drama and the Forum Theater techniques help? Is it possible to help? This project tried to look for answers for questions like these, and for others too.

Short description

During the project teachers in five country were introduced to the critical incident method (that aims to analyse and resolve intercultural conflicts and release the tension in the professional working with diverse cultural and social groups). Meanwhile a research process went on, asking parents, teachers and students about early school leaving (ESL), collecting own stories. Based on the results, one Forum Theater performance was created in every country to raise attention to the topic and to empower the participants who were socially disadvantaged youngsters, in the risk of ESL. At the end of the project a handbook was composed by the country studies of the factors of ESL, the good practices and the games and creative tasks used during the creation process and a teachers training was realised in cooperation of the Forum Theater practitioners of the project.

Project framework:

Lifelong Learning Program, Comenius Multilateral Project

01.12.2012. – 30.11.2014.


Project coordinator:

Artemisszió Foundation, Hungary


Partner countries:

Italy, Poland, France, Spain, Hungary


Target group:

15-17 years old teenagers


Link to the website of the project:



The aim of this partnership is to introduce Forum Theatre methodology in schools to prevent and to reduce ESL (Early School Leaving) among pupils, mainly in case of migrant and Roma pupils. To achieve this goal we would like to teach this method to primary, secondary school teachers.

In order to fulfil objectives of the project, research as well as comprehensive educational and awareness activities will be conducted in selected schools in Hungary, Spain, Italy, France and Poland, including:

  • pilot workshops with selected groups of students, consisting of the preparation of a Forum Theatre performance on the subject of early school leaving, based on their personal stories;
  • research (critical incident workshops with teachers, interviews with parents, teachers and youth, cases);
  • a handbook for teachers and other educational professionals working with the youth susceptible to ESL will be developed on the basis of conducted research;
  • experience gathered during research and pilot workshops will be used to prepare an agenda of an international course for teachers, to be included in the catalogue of the Comenius programme.


Project description:

In the project we used the critical incident methodology to map up and to analyse the context of the ESL in the partner countries. Also the method taught to the teachers; therefore they have a tool they can use in conflict situations in the school. With the help of cases and interviews collected from our target groups we offer a collection of analysed cases. This collection will be an important element of the handbook and the training what the partnership developed, edited during the project. The analysed cases also offered a list of factors of ESL. Based on the analysed cases and factors the partnership, in cooperation with selected schools, realized a series of drama classes and a performance with the Forum Theatre methodology. We made a film of this period. Forum Theatre makes protagonists to understand better the phenomenon of ESL, and to prevent it. Based on the experiences of these activities the partnership elaborated a curricula, and also specialized materials for teachers. In order to ensure the long term exploitability of the project, a handbook was written by the partners. It will be published and online made available for teachers, teacher institutions, regular and alternative schools.

(Video about the project: )


  1. Teresa

    8 August 2014

    I just commented on FOTEL in the big box “SCHOOL EDUCATION” where I could find the video. Now with the information included in this section, the wholepicture is clear and I have all the necessary inputs I wanted.
    The FOTEL project website is very clear and ‘logical’ and I’m really interested in the project’s products, especially in the Handbook which I requested through the newsletter email on the FOTEL website.
    Thank you!
    I’m currently working on two projects that promote learning in the ROMA settings and schools and help children and teenagers to complete their school course… ART4Roma Children and Music4Rom which you can find on the ARTES platform as well.
    What we can do and learn with Roma children and their families is always welcome and necessary in our society!!

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