FOTEL – Forum Theatre against Early School Leaving

FOTEL – Forum Theatre against Early School Leaving – PARIS


  1. Teresa

    8 August 2014

    Forum theatre is a very exciting medium to promote balance and harmony within the classroom, possibly going through ‘dissonances’ of various kind. The video showing the first activities of the FOTEL project is catching and certainly makes one think on the powerful means of acting and the ways it can be applied among teachers and students. I would be glad to follow closely the development of the programme… and by the way, I did not find information on its duration, partners involved, countries where it takes place… I actually expected to see a presentation in the same format as the other projects shown on the ARTES platform, although the video is certainly giving a clear picture of the FOTEL’s start and is really quite self-explanatory. Few more information available on the description just below the video in the YouTube format, still, if possible, I would be pleased to have more info, including contacts of project coordinator. Maybe where they included in other sections of the Community and I did not find them? Thank you for sharing this excellent work!

    • Teresa

      8 August 2014

      I just found all the info I needed on FOTEL in the ‘small boxes’ THEATRE and DRAMA. Everything is perfect for me now. Excellent work, I really like this project!!

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