Fostering creativity in adult learners with disabilities through arts – FOCAL

Grundtvig Multilateral Project, 2009 – 2011

The project focused on fostering creativity in adult learners with special educational needs through arts applying the approach of inclusive education.


Project coordinator

EUConcilia GmbH, Germany

Partner countries

Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, Spain,

Target group

  • people with disabilities
  • teachers
  • trainers
  • students

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Project objectives

  • to identify, discuss and elaborate ways, methods, tools and learning arrangements for the work with people with special educational needs
  • to develop and publish a handbook introducing an effective programme to bring together people with and without disabilities in education based on an inclusive/integrative approach
  • to cause changes in adult education of learners with special education needs to better integrate them into the European society
  • to provide workshop opportunities bringing them together during international creativity and arts workshops

Project activities/results

The consortium including adult education centres for people with and without disabilities, day care centres, universities, and SMEs implemented a needs analysis in all partner countries and collected best practice examples to identify needs and barriers to foster integrative offers for people with and without special educational needs (SEN). On this basis it was possible to develop a manual/handbook and a course curriculum to train interested staff. The manual and curriculum were tested in national and international settings and then revised, printed and distributed to interested institutions.

All activities of the FOCAL project led to one aim: the partners wanted to cause changes in adult education of learners with SEN. For that reason the most important objective was the development of the aforementioned handbook introducing a more effective programme to bring together people with and without SEN in education based on an inclusive/integrative approach. In this context the partners developed and presented new ways to use music, dance, drama or arts to give people with SEN new perspectives for their personal development and to improve their everyday life.

The manual consists of the results of the conducted needs analysis, information how to reach stakeholders and win them for inclusive/integrative classes, theoretical basics, teacher competences and information about disabilities including case studies. The curriculum on the other hand shows a way how to implement a continuous professional development (CPD) course for teachers and trainers. It can be used as a pool of tools to implement a trial course to give interested trainers the possibility to get in touch with the topic.

The handbook and the film about the project are published on restricted level. People interested in these publications can send a request to the consortium (e.g. or subscribe on the website ( to receive a copy.


  1. Jan Ulrik

    13 August 2014

    Hi Aleksander,

    I really like the presentation of this project. I got a great overview of the project in a very short time, and I immediately wanted to look at the handbook mentioned.

    Then I discovered, that the link to project website (in the beginning and in the end) didn’t work out. When you visit (without a dash), you get to another project running from 2012-14. Is this a continuation of the first project?

    Well, I really got curios about this project and I’ll probably write the consortium.


  2. Aleksander

    15 August 2014

    I think the link you give is a completely different project.

    The original website of the FOCAL project featured here must have been cancelled – it finished 3 years ago.

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