Grundtvig multilateral 2011-2013


Project Coordinator

Fundacio SURT

Project Website

Partner Countries

Spain, Italy, Romania, Austria,  Finland, Lithuania

Target Group

Migrant Women


  • To widen research in 6 EU Member States (Austria, Finland, Italy, Lithuania, Romania and Spain) on the specific situation of migrant women, focusing on their competence capital, employability, experiences of competence assessment and validation, and participation in the labour market and adult education.
  • To develop, pilot test and validate (by a panel of experts) a new competence-based model (portfolio and pedagogical tools) specifically adapted to migrant women in the EU.
  • To transfer and promote the use of FORWARD products (competence portfolio and pedagogical tools) among career guidance and adult learning professionals.
  • To spread the knowledge, expertise and good practice obtained during the project at EU level and foster discussion of the usability and efficiency of competence-based methodologies and tools among professionals.

Project Description

Migrant women are one of the most disadvantaged groups in the EU in terms of labour participation and social inclusion. Despite their diversity as a group, gender and origin crisscross as disadvantage factors in their lives. FORWARD builds on a potential strong mechanism to overcome these problems, promoting the participation of migrant women in adult education, and focuses particularly on two key tools: competence-based methodologies and competence validation frameworks.

FORWARD addressed these needs by learning from existing good practices of competence-based learning and validation models and providing a specific pilot-tested competence portfolio and career guidance tools adapted to the experiences and needs of migrant women in the EU, and the very similar obstacles they find to participate in the labour market, despite their heterogeneity as a group.


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