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admin # Posted on 12 January 2015 at 20:33

Hi Lukasz,

thank you for refreshing Zane’s idea. The 2015 will be the European year for Development and it will be interesting to have a project on digital storytelling to tell the stories of the migrants.

The project could be the histories of people from migrant and refugee background narrated by themselves through videos. It could be a way to empower immigrants and refugees with new digital literacy skills where immigrants learn to document their own stories through short films and raise awareness among non-immigrant. The collection of immigrant stories could also be shared with the public to fight stereotypes and prejudices.

Have you heard about the movie “Italy in day” ?

It is a piece of history narrated by common people, more than 44.000 persons sent their videos that then were edited by an Italian movie director winner of a Oscar prize to create a full movie.

It is just fantastic!