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admin # Posted on 10 September 2014 at 19:09

Hi Krzysztof,

Could you please advise us on a few technical issues you mentioned? In two weeks we’re going to Spain on the learning partnership project and our collaborative task (teachers and learners) is to prepare a photo exhibition on the sites visited and the experiences gained.

– Printing the photos: we did it before in an ordinary photo shop but maybe it’s worth going to a special lab which uses different printing technology?
– I suppose professional framing systems are very expensive but do you think we could foil the pictures ourselves? I mean first fix them to a plate (plywood, plexi, etc) and then cover with proper foil? Or without special equipment this would be difficult?

These are basic technical things, sorry, but we’re also debating some artistic issues here in our team – the results should be visible soon after our trip.

Thanks a lot,