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admin # Posted on 5 September 2014 at 11:54

I agree with Aleksander. IMO in photography it is always important not to treat pople only or primarily as objects. It is not easy to avoid this danger using their photos as advertising materials – I mean photos usually taken for other reasons in situations not connected to promotional purposes, like for instance photos of professional models acting for advertisment.

Preparing promotional materials we usually “play” with some characteristic attribute of a person – when we want to sell toothpaste we expose white teeth, when we want to sell shampoo, we expose long beautiful hair. And usually there’s nothing wrong with it. But “playing” with disability is something different. We expose something “negative” then “positive”. And usually it is not art, but craft.

Krzysztof, I like your exhibition very much. Among other things because I feel, you don’t want to “play” with these people, with their disability. You don’t try to hide it and you don’t try to expose it. Here the person is the end, not a mean. And the pople here now that in this moment someone is taking a photo to be shown to the public (or am I wrong?).

I also think that dreams are interesting way, when you want to see not olny faces, but to reach deaper. Even if dreams often make our faces different than usuall, dreaming together and talking about dreams brings people together.

So answering your question – IMHO we can publish photos of disabled people – no doubt when it is done in your way. I’m sure it is not the only way, but we always have to be very sensitive in this matter.

For the end I have a question to your exhibition idea and contact with your students – when did you talk about dreams – when you were taking pictures or in a different time?