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admin # Posted on 4 September 2014 at 00:33

Anna, Krzysztof,
Thank you for your opinions about our “exhibition”.

I see you both would reorder the pictures. I fell, you are right, but I still have some doubts. Thank you, Krzysztof for excellent presentation of your idea. I like the set of 4 photos very much – the choice of the pictures and the way, how they are ordered.

However I have a problem with the set of 6 photos. There are too many things happening in this place. I cannot focus on only one picture, and I feel, they don’t match togeter – they are from the one story but completely mixed up. For me they are too close to each other.

Maybe this is because there’s a lot of chaos now, but on the other hand the photos are arranged in a very structrued way?

Maybe the problem is that I am the coauthor; this order for a viewer has no matter?

Maybe, again, it looks not good (at least for me) only on the computer screen, on the wall it would be different?

Anyway, even when I’m not conviced to first idea anymore, I’d change your proposal too, maybe littlebit in Anna’s way.

From other things – I do really miss closer shots in this set of photos too! And you’re 100% right – because of glass, you often cannot see the picutres, especially in the sunny days.

Thanks once more time!