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admin # Posted on 1 September 2014 at 15:36

I want to answer your few questions.
I’m not going to say a world about the choice of the photos because
I don’t know which have you rejected.
This set makes a good impression.
The point is if in your opinion the atmosphere of those places can be felt.

My advice refers to the presentation of those photographs.
I’ve made improvements which are a subjective choice.

1. You are right. It’s different when you watch photos in the computer.
A little bit like a movie. Photo by photo. We don’t see the whole set.
Then we receive a relation between “now” and “later”/”then”?/.
In the exhibition we can see relations between the whole gruop of photos.
If we have created such group.

2. I’ve put together two groups.
I’ve rejected the third place with windows.
Looking in the direction of the light source isn’t a good idea.

3. In the groups I’ve created two lines and made photos closer.
As a result they create better relations between themselves.
The middle line should be at a height of our sight.

4. I was trying to put photos which show something closer/far away
above/beneath themselves. In your choice there was a lack of close shots.
It’s good when two following photos are made in different shots.

5. A technical piece of advice: it’s better to show your photos
without a glass framework.
In the glass we can see reflections which disturb us while watching.
We can use antireflective glass or put a foil on the photos to protect tchem.

I’m very curious about what do you think about my advice…