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admin # Posted on 1 September 2014 at 15:06

These are difficult questions indeed, especially for someone who does not feel like being judgmental in these matters. So I can only share my personal views.

I think it is worth publishing photos of people in a way which opens encounter possibilities. This is exactly what attracted me to the Dreamy Portraits exhibition. You see the pictures but you have the feeling of meeting real people there. The art of photography gets you closer to the people and their inner world. This is a meaningful experience.

We are flooded with images of disability through websites, banners, posters, etc. of a very different nature. Disability is used as a promotional tool of various good-hearted initiatives. These images are just pieces of advertising material and make sense only if they attract the right audience to the right cause. Sometimes they do the opposite. Advertising is a meaningful course of action, still not to be confused with genuine art (unless you see all art as manipulative and deceptive).