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admin # Posted on 14 June 2014 at 10:29

Hi Jim, and welcome to our ARTES platform!

I am not that familiar with Forum Theatre, just being aware of its main principles. But as you know, I am totally crazy about puppets. Answering your question about using puppetry art in dealing with painful social phenomena, I would like to refer to my own experience. With puppets we can do things which would not work in actors theatre. Once, when I wanted to show on stage the desintegration of a person addicted to drugs, we constructed a human size puppet made out of plastic foil. The image of this character falling apart in front of the audience was a powerful effect according to the spectators` testimonies. You can see the performance here on the platform under Theatre category:

I can imagine similar theatrical situation while touching bullying subject. It can be shown literally how every aggressive action impacts on the puppet character. Every single part of its body can react and get damaged. And then we can invite the audience to animate such crippled personage. This could work, I believe. Let`s wait for other ideas and suggestions.