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admin # Posted on 7 March 2014 at 11:02

Hello Maria,
Well , maybe in the following you will find some kind of answer to your question as I will refer to my work with the junior group.
Your question was about stimulation of the creativity. However you begin to introduce a workshop is good, but like me it’s important to dissolve some stagnancy who arises in moments of too much liberty to play with materials. So could it be a help to focuse on a detail-theme. I will explain this with my own example who had should be conducted with the Junior-group:
As you probably remember, as a first step we worked with “dialogues between papers”. This resulted, as I almost expected, in a “battle between papers”.
So as a second step the topic was changed, now it was “love”, meaning: building and showing “characters” being in some way in love with each other and getting into contact/ confronting each other in a special way.( Then we stopped and Sandra intervented with ‘the finger’)
Third step: reduction of “characters”. The members of the group should be asked to just express the special/ individual “features” of the characters they had created and then make them act with other “characters” in the group (ideally with those having completely different features, intending only paper-forms, i.e. round with spiky etc. . So the forms will give the input to play, less the own inner problematic.
Note: This sequence of steps was chosen because I am of the opinion, that by increasing reduction/localization you give more and more room to imagination. It seems a contradiction, but it isn’t.
What do you mean, Maria? What is your experience?