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admin # Posted on 3 March 2014 at 21:55

Hi Christine! I myself am very much interested in non-verbal expression in theatre, this is why I work with puppets, as you know.
I am wondering if you might find useful and relevant my experience of creating non-verbal theatre with different groups of participants – young drug addicts in Poland, volunteers in Thailand and a mixed international team of artists and educators in Holland. Basically, the idea was to begin workshop with a very simple story (it could be an image – a painting or a postcard too) and then to focus on different perspectives of personages who appear in this story in order to tell it, without words, in a new way. This method proved to be very effective in stimulating creativity of participants. You can see an example of such workshop at:

Once more, thank you for the workshop you did together with Sandra Passarello for our disabled charges in February. Those interested in your work might see some great photos at: