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ALa,Galway Ireland

ALâ ( Adult Participatory Theatre, Arts and Education )

ALâ, founded in 2004 is a fully inclusive personal social and community development organization, catering for adults of all abilities, nationalities and ethnic groups, which mainly uses Theatre of the Oppressed, Forum Theatre, methodologies as developmental tools. It is a not for profit organization, run by participants, with Charitable Status.

ALâ run:

Fully inclusive weekly workshops in Ballybane, Galway.

Forum Theatre outreach projects in conjunction with many schools and social and community organizations.

Forum Theatre facilitation skills training courses.
ALâ use the best available facilitators in Europe including Adrian Jackson (London), Annette Tierney, Gavin Crichton (Edinburgh), Julian Boal (Paris & Brazil), Mary Duffin and Peter Hussey and ALâ trained facilitators.

Introduction to Forum Theatre full day workshops in conjunction with organization nationwide

Jim Aherne – Project Director


Web site

Phone: 086 8461270

83 Castle Park, Ballybane, Galway City, Ireland

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Art and cross-cultural dialogue

Art offers a unique perspective for the reflection on cultural diversity: it can point to the common universal that transcends cultural borders at the same time it can point to the fantastic diversity in different cultural representations of what is music, beauty, drama… And then there is more. Engaging in art activities triggers skills, attitudes that we feel are very close to the so-called "intercultural competences": handling uncertainty, ambiguity, management of emotions, capacity to negotiate. This group will explore and share practices that illustrate how art can contribute to better understand and better live diversity.

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The Word and the Act

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Digital Art

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Literature and storytelling to promote intercultural dialogue with children and their families

This group aims to share our experiences to promote intercultural dialogue among migrant and non migrant children and their families using Literature and Storytelling.

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Outsider Art

Art created by people with mental and social disabilities

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Polska Grupa Dyskusyjna

Zapraszamy wszystkich zainteresowanych aktywnym współtworzeniem portalu – dzieleniem się wiedzą, doświadczeniami i twórczymi pomysłami do dyskusji w ramach tej grupy.

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Rencontres Communauté ARTES en France

La communauté de pratique ARTES donne l'occasion de présenter les conclusions et résultats des projets conçus et mis en œuvre qui sont le fruit d’une véritable passion, d’un engagement, et d’une volonté de changer le monde.

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Social Theatre Community Theatre Forum Theatre

A group to share ideas about special methods of theatre that has social aims and has a strong focus on the local community.

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Theatre and social exclusion

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What about assessment?

Are there any changes, transformations that participants feel after art-based interventions? Are these any different from the results of other workshops? Does art leave any particular signature? Can we detect it? This group is a space to share experiences, techniques, strategies connected to the assessment of art-based workshops.