FFEMALE – Fostering entrepreneurship through mentoring and learning in Europe



FFEMALE – Fostering entrepreneurship through mentoring and learning in Europe is previous FE:MALE continuation.

fe:male was run by a consortium of organisations across five European countries who are working together to support and develop female entrepreneurship across Europe. New FFEMALE involves new countries Lithuania, Spain and Island, and this last is also coordinating country.

The group came together to develop the vocational and personal development training available across Europe in order to support women and give them the skills needed to start up in business.

Research undertaken by the group showed that women were extremely under-represented in the field of entrepreneurship and suffering more than men from the economic downturn seen in recent years. They decided to address this through a project that would encourage women to realise their entrepreneurial ideas through providing, not only practical know-how, but the inspiration, encouragement and life skills that can only be passed on through connections with successful women who have lived through similar experiences!

FFEMALE project is led by Directorate of Labour at national level and including other 5 partners. The project will contribute to bridging the skills gap and strengthen the competencies of women entrepreneurs to make them successful in business, contributing to growth and job creation in the EU and reducing the unemployment. FFEMALE will implement a methodology, Business Accelerator Growth Program, that combines hard and soft skills; hard skills such as business strategy, finance, tax and accountancy, product development, marketing, exporting, social media.

The soft skills module includes self efficacy training and goal setting, using action learning methods. VITECO is engaged as ICT expert for distance education and build up skills through interactive exercises and platform of e-Hub.

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