EuroDynamics Project


Project framework (Funding program) and duration

Lifelong Learning Programme: Grundtvig Partnership Projects.

Duration: 01.08.2012 – 31.07.2014

Project coordinator (name, country) and a link to the website of the project

SuMuP, Italy

Partner countries

Italy, Poland, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia

Target group

Training artists coming from a variety of backgrounds and working with and in a diverse range of media

Objectives are to:

– Enhance the transnational mobility and international professional exposure of European artists in training – giving opportunity also to second career artists and trainees over 50;

– Foster cultural and creative exchange, dialogue and cross-fertilization; raise awareness on the value of diversity;

– Expand future opportunities of collaboration among the participating organizations and artists;

– Promote a discourse on key concepts of sustainable development through the arts;

– Provide learning opportunities for emerging artists on techniques of self-marketing and networking;

– Develop a communication and collaboration platform furthering new and creative learning experiences and their sharing with the wider European education community.

Project description

Euro Dynamics is an innovative multi-cultural project that aims to organize 6 performances in 6 different countries with 96 artists, several nationalities. The shows are based on the theory of Spiral Dynamics that introduces pieces of the European cultural scene and raise awareness of sustainability concepts through arts.
The project is carried out by the collaboration of 6 cultural associations. All of them did a selection of 16 artists of their country and sent 3-4 of them in one of the 5 other countries. In the end, each cultural organization had 16 foreign artists to work with and prepare together the performance. The performances were based on the Spiral Dynamics theory – applied in sustainability – and its 8 different value systems (memes) that gave the frame for the shows divided in 8 scenes. On the EuroDynamics website all videos of the preparation and performances will be uploaded.

EuroDynamics Performance Poland


  1. Aleksander

    17 May 2014

    I suppose their website is still in the making as there’s not much information on the approach, events, results, etc. Or perhaps they’ve just started?

    Is there another site giving more insights into the project?

    • Agnieszka

      4 June 2014

      Yes, we started to upload videos and more information recently, but I hope that you can see more results soon 🙂

      I added now the facebook page, where you can also find some information and videos.

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