Dreamy Portraits. 33 Dreams

“Dreamy Portaits. 33 dreams”

is a series of portraits from the Occupational Therapy Workshop
programme “Jesteś Potrzebny!” (“You are needed!”).
For the last ten years I have run a photography course with them.
For the last ten years, I’ve wanted to take these photos.
I was always apprehensive, though, that the photos themselves
would never quite give the desired effect.
What effect am I talking about?
Having direct contact with their abilities, and often their
inabilities, we see deeper.
We see more. We understand less and less. Interesting facial
expressions are not the goal any more. Now I need to find
a way to show that which is difficult to see. A person’s goals,
desires, and feelings.
It was the idea to ask them about their dreams and desires
which lead to our having individual meetings, allowing us
to get to know each other better. I write “us”, because I feel
that the deepening of understanding was in fact two-way.
It was only then that the two parts, the portraits and the dreams,
created the whole.

Having finished the project, many questions still hang in the air.
What are dreams?
Are they limited?
Are they related to reality?
Can something which is not real be your dream?
Are dreams something we need?

Krzysztof Tusiewicz

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