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Who cares about peace?

We do. With the project DISCOVER PEACE IN EUROPE, we offer what you want to know about civil engagement, peace and democracy. You can become more interested and informed in seven European cities’ relevant personalities, important locations and active organizations engaged in peace, active citizenship and the practice of democracy. These beautiful cities: Berlin, Budapest, Manchester, Paris, The Hague, Torino and Vienna all offer an outdoor learning process now on with their peace trails. Discover locations that you may have seen before, but now they disclose stories about people and activities with rich engagement for human rights, peace and democracy that took or take place – unknown to most of us.
Since the 19th century peace movements have emerged throughout our cities, but seldom with public attention. These personal stories and facts present an important aspect of the history of our civil society and democracy. Most monuments in our cities display “heroes of wars”, but peace and human rights are hardly ever subjects for a memorial culture. This discrepancy will become obvious, thus promoting personal reflections on one’s own participation. – Only a change in thinking will bring about change in actions…
Peace depends on people. Participation is the indispensable condition for the development of democracy. The peace trails offer information, suggestions and opportunities for an active engagement in democracy building, social competences and peace matters.

The 15 stations can be discovered in small guided groups as well as individually. Walking in small groups can give us a chance to ask questions and experience discussions, games, activities and playback theatre follow up events when transformation of personal stories into theatre and fine art can happen. We invite people to think and feel about peace, about the importance of participation, as well as to discover their personal relation to peace, and not to become consumers of the culture of peace.
On March 21 2014, we launched our peace trails, together in all the seven cities with splendid events. We used that year, which was also the 100 anniversary of the outbreak of World War I, to invite people to think about peace and by offering rich program. Since then we held seminars for two groups of adult learners as peace trail guides and are organizing pace trails for closed groups and the wider public too.
This partnership is receiving a Grundtvig Multilateral Project Lifelong Learning Programme grant for three years (2012-2015) to deliver this project.

Project Partners
University of Applied Arts, Vienna
Konfliktkultur, Vienna
Coordination pour l’éducation à la non-violence et à la paix, Paris
International Network of Museums for Peace, The Hague
Manchester City Council
Movimento Internazionale della Riconciliazione, Torino
Paulo Freire Gesellschaft, Berlin
Vitakultúra Egyesület, Budapest

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