Creative Drive

Interreg program 

The aim of Creative Drive is to unite different sectors, institutions and projects of the creative industry within the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. Creatives are linked with entrepreneurs, also across borders, in order to use the common potential in a much better way.




Project coordinator


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Partner countries:

Denmark, Holland,  Belgium

Target group: 

Community, people from different backgrounds


  • to support the entrepreneurial process actors creative companies in the Euregio Meuse- Rhine.
  • to consider specific cases where a new light has been given to communication issues , social and economic .
  • to offer each meeting in an innovative network for actors creative companies in the Euregio Meuse- Rhine
  • to improve their visibility and ensure lasting relationships with the public sector , companies as well as other scientific and academic sectors worldwide .

Project description 

Creative Drive, are 8 European partners who are networked through an Interreg IVA project. As part of this project , workshops / residences were organized in the cities of Aix -la- Chapelle , Heerlen and Liège, the aim being to educate another way to work (group and in a multidisciplinary approach ) and awareness of innovation and creativity.

For several weeks , the participants were accompanied by recognized experts in the different creative disciplines. This training aimed to give them the maximum possible tools for both common project for a possible private project . The Creative Drive Liège program is articulated around two red son, namely public space and public art issues – through the Project Space Collection for example – and work across a area in this case Burenville , more socially significant. This type of project – multidisciplianire , multisectoral and multicultural – requires openness on the part of all stakeholders.

This is to promote a better understanding of ways of operating , the realities of each of the disciplines within the creative industries. And it is precisely in meetings between several frames of thoughts is the issue of creativity and innovation.

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