Count Me In

Short introduction

At the heart of social inclusion is a belief that arts and culture are for everyone. The project wants to demonstrate that this particular sector has great potential as a framework for vocational education and training.

By exploring different practices and methodologies to be found throughout Europe and by transferring innovations from earlier projects, the objective of “Count Me In” is to build an interdisciplinary resource on how to use the arts and cultural sector in VET for special needs groups.

Gaia 23


Project framework

2-year Transfer of Innovation project financed by the EU’s Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci.


Link to the website of the project


As a final product of the project a book will be published – you can find the online version here:


Project coordinator

GAIA Museum Outsider Art (DK)


Partner countries

Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom


Target group

Cultural intitutions in all fields



The project will promote the rights of marginalised groups to be involved in and have access to artistic and cultural activities. By doing so, the overall aim is to enhance their opportunities to be part of the European world of work


Project activeties

1. A state of the art on VET for people with special needs

2. A publication with examples of good practices in Europe

3. E-Learning modules

4. E-learning network

5. Live training course



  1. Vera

    9 July 2014

    Hi there,
    I like the mission! One thing is not clear to me however: was this project about “access to arts and culture” as an audience or about doing art?
    ALso, I think it could be nice to include maybe just one line what you liked in this project the most – in what way was it different from the many others you’ve seen…

  2. Jan Ulrik

    5 August 2014

    Hi Vera,

    Thank you for your comment. The project is about including people with special needs in the cultural institutions, not just as visitors/audience – which the picture could imply. At GAIA we have an art academy for people with special needs where the students are included as artists. But we also have a large number of sheltered workplaces, where people with special needs are included in the museum as cultural workers. And that’s primarily what the Count Me In project is about.

    The project runs up to the end of October, but so far I’m very happy with the publication, which give us the opportunity to transfer our practice cultural institution around Europe.


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