Cine-Train: Film-Making for Educators



Grundtvig Partnership Project 2013-2015

Cine-Train is an international audiovisual workshop programme for educators working in all fields of adult education. Professionals in adult education are taught to produce videos and learn how to use cinema and audiovisual in their educational work. The idea is for them to later pass these skills on to their students.

The project provides professionals in all fields of adult education –  professors, adults’ gymnasium teachers, educators working in NGOs, prisons, mental institutions, museums, libraries, cultural and social centres  – with the necessary knowledge and technical skills to use film and audio visual media in their educational work.

The larger objective of Cine-Train is to improve the level of audiovisual literacy in what will hopefully be a lifelong learning process. Today’s society is thoroughly influenced by audiovisual culture and new communication technologies, making it essential to improve people’s ability to analyze, evaluate and create messages in audiovisual language, and also to know and love our cinematographic and audiovisual heritage and develop a broader perspective on cinema as an art.

Cine-Train brings together people from different European countries who share similar interests and goals. Four educational film organisations from France, Germany, Spain and Turkey are closely working together to make this project come true.


Project coordinator

A Bao A Qu – Spain

Partner countries

Spain, France, Turkey, Germany

Target groups

  • educators working in all fields of adult education

Project objectives

  • To improve the level of audiovisual literacy of adult educators.
  • To provide filmmakers with ideas of how to integrate their skills in educational systems and to develop their educational skills
  • To elaborate methodologies and teaching materials
  • To increase the use of film-making as an innovative, creative, motivating and contemporary tool for teaching any subject
  • To develop a broader perspective on cinema as an art.

Project activities/results

Within the course of two years, one workshop took place in each of the partner countries, empowering an international group of participants in the field of audiovisual literacy. Organisers and learners from all countries visited the workshops in the respective partner country.

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