1. In between Out

    Grundtvig Learning Partnership, 2010-2012 Project coordinator: GAIA Museum Outsider Art   Partner countries UK, Germany, Denmark Target group Marginalised/outsider artist Project Objectives The “In between Out” project was a learning and skills sharing partnership between four organisations working with marginalised/outsider artists. In 2010 the four arts organisations came together to...
  2. Creative Drive

    The aim of Creative Drive is to unite different sectors, institutions and projects of the creative industry within the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. I was not familiarizd with this kind of initiatives and I think they are awsome. Creatives dirves are linked with entrepreneurs, also across borders, in order to use the common potential in a much better way. Take a look to the videos in the project web site!
  3. EMPATHY – European Modern Painting History

    The Empathy project aimed at supporting social inclusion of people who, because of old age, lack of material resources or living in rural areas have limited access to culture. In particular, the project was addressed to those living outside large cultural centres and have only basic education or little experience of travelling abroad.
  4. THE MUS-E® PROGRAMME: Art at School

    The fundamental principle of MUS-E® is that art should be part of daily education, accessible to all and therefore to open new possibilities of expression and ways of looking at life and people. The project promotes social integration and aims to reduce levels of violence, racism and social exclusion amongst the young.
  5. P.IN.O.K.I.O.- Pupils for INnOvation as a Key to Intercultural and social inclusion

    The project “P.IN.O.K.I.O. - aims at promoting intercultural dialogue and creativity against social exclusion using literature and children’s stories from different cultures as well as web 2.0 tools in order to create a methodology for teachers of nursery schools or primary schools to improve intercultural dialogue among children and their families through school activities.
  6. What is culture? Exploring a new culture playfully

    Responsible organisation’ s name: Elan Interculturel. References: exercise inspired by a proposition from LTS Consulting Bath This activity tackles the notion of “culture” in a playful and personal way to trigger reflection on our own relationship with a given culture, on the different layers of culture: visible layers (such as objects) and invisible...
  7. Role playing Bibliodrama and intercultural competence

    How can we enrich and develop traditional way of conducting an intercultural and interfaith dialogue? Bibliodrama (Biblos = book) offers a unique opportunity to search for commonalities and links between cultures and religions in the holy scriptures from various sources. TEACHING SCENARIO (a wide selection of bibliodrama/intercultural scenarios available in...