1. Photographic Prize CreArTe 2018

    Fundación Escuela de Solidaridad is creating a festival of Arts which includes also the Photographic Prize CreArTe 2018. There’s an open call for all who want to participate in this contest, by sending photographs of work including ARTS as a method of social inclusion.  You should also add the name of...
  2. Against Exclusion

    This project "Against Exclusion" brought together people who worked closely to activate socially and culturally excluded groups; the project worked with Teachers/Trainers and disadvantaged Adult Learners and provide a real platform to engage these adult learners through various forms of art, drama, film, photography, theatre, drawing, music, dance and crafts.
  3. Dreamy Portraits. 33 Dreams

    “Dreamy Portaits. 33 dreams” is a series of portraits from the Occupational Therapy Workshop programme “Jesteś Potrzebny!” (“You are needed!”). For the last ten years I have run a photography course with them. For the last ten years, I’ve wanted to take these photos. I was always apprehensive, though, that...

    Cartoons, caricatures and comics are an excellent medium to explore stereotyped perceptions of other cultures as well as provide pathways to engage learners in collaborative projects. They are a way to describe emotions, feelings or situations, to tell stories or to illustrate a point of view on current social, political or cultural topics. As such they can be used for teaching a wide range of subjects for learners of all ages and education levels. Working on stereotypes we can recreate a more adequate picture of other ways of thinking and behaving.
  5. Interzoom

    The project involved young parents and seniors from socially disadvantaged contexts in study circles on European films, animation, photography and IT courses. The learners increased their intercultural awareness discussing documentaries and culture films of each European country. They developed their IT skills and creativity in creating stop motion animation stories based on family events or cultural history and depicted in photo albums or short video films to emphasize the intergenerational ties and heritage.
  6. E.T.R.A.

    Short introduction E.T.R.A. – Education Through Re-habilitative outsider Art photo The ETRA project was involved in the rehabilitation area: here photography becomes gaming experience, leaving freedom of expression and creativity to be true possibilities without receiving personal judgments, or conditionings. The goal was to communicate the immediate and authentic thoughts...
  7. Digital storytelling

    to find – to tell – to share We all like telling stories. We all wish to leave traces for the future. Everyone has a hidden, buried story. By the digital storytelling anyone can find their own voice. Project framework Divers funding programs (EU Grundtvig Lifelong Learning, Leonardo, Learning partnership,...
  8. Say Cheese!

    Project aims to create opportunities for educators, voluntary trainers working with socially, culturally, economically disadvantaged people to investigate how photography and its “emotional manipulation” might be used to help people at risk of social exclusion. This concept derives from the Art Counseling approach and from the experience of two famous photographers, Jim Goldberg and William Klein.
  9. Photography as Methaphors of Self Construction

    The E.T.R.A.-project was a EU supportet LLP-project developing methodological guidelines.ETRA means education through rehabilitative artsphoto. But what do we mean by art? Art, in this project is understood as any expression of human activity that shows personal vision through the interpretation of reality or imagination with visual resources – mainly...