1. EuroDynamics Project

    Euro Dynamics is an innovative multi-cultural project that aims to organize 6 performances in 6 different countries with 96 artists, several nationalities. The shows are based on the theory of Spiral Dynamics that introduces pieces of the European cultural scene and raise awareness of sustainability concepts through arts.
  2. EMPATHY – European Modern Painting History

    The Empathy project aimed at supporting social inclusion of people who, because of old age, lack of material resources or living in rural areas have limited access to culture. In particular, the project was addressed to those living outside large cultural centres and have only basic education or little experience of travelling abroad.
  3. SHEHERAZADE : 1001 Stories for Adult Learning

    Sheherazade's tale is a parable of storytelling power, that's why the project bears his name. The whole idea of this consortium was to explain how storytelling – to tell and to listen stories- can be practice as a learning technique. I was in one of the conferences organized by this consortium and I found lovely people from all over the world and it was the possibility of sharing best practices. It was a wonderful and magical experience!
  4. BASICS: Bibliodrama as a way of intercultural learning for adults

    BASICS: Bibliodrama as a Way of Intercultural Learning for Adults Grundtvig Multilateral, 2011-2013 The idea of using bibliodrama in intercultural education was an attempt to answer to social antipathy toward “the different” and “the unfamiliar”, which is often present in our everyday lives as various drastic forms of behaviour, and...