BASICS: Bibliodrama as a way of intercultural learning for adults

BASICS: Bibliodrama as a Way of Intercultural Learning for Adults

Grundtvig Multilateral, 2011-2013 The idea of using bibliodrama in intercultural education was an attempt to answer to social antipathy toward “the different” and “the unfamiliar”, which is often present in our everyday lives as various drastic forms of behaviour, and requires an explicit reaction. Bibliodrama, which is based on role-playing religious texts, seems to be the perfect method for achieving the goals of intercultural, and above all interfaith, dialogue.


Project coordinator / Project website

The Bielsko Artistic Association Grodzki Theatre, Poland


Partner countries

Poland, Hungary, Iceland, Turkey, Israel


Target group

The BASICS project addresses the needs of adult educators involved in non-formal and informal programs: teachers, trainers, therapists, psychologists, medical doctors, pedagogues, art instructors, priests, catechists, coaches, occupational therapy and social workers, members of religious organizations and those working with migrants/ethnic minorities.


  • To elaborate in partner cooperation a pilot workshop program on intercultural learning with use of Bibliodrama methods(studying the Bible and sacred texts of other religions through role playing) to be implemented in all five partner countries

  • To engage adult educators – workshop participants in a debate on tolerance and peaceful coexistence of different cultures and traditions, both in local societies and in the context of Europe

  • To use workshop program findings for the elaboration of a set of educational scenarios capturing the most interesting and useful teaching/learning methods

  • To introduce the BASICS approach to a wide range of adult educators, as well as institutions and bodies all over and outside Europe

Project description

The BASICS project explored different ways of applying Bibliodrama to intercultural and interfaith contexts. It was aimed at providing instructional and inspirational materials for adult educators active in various educational sectors. A pilot workshop program on intercultural learning was developed in the first phase of the project and implemented in five countries in order to test the new approach and collect materials for elaboration of a set of educational scenarios capturing the most interesting and useful teaching/learning methods. The participants of pilot workshops – a heterogeneous group of representatives of various religions and cultures – confirmed the usefulness and practical value of the innovative BASICS teaching curricula – the main project outcome. Bibliodrama is in fact a faster way for people to break down their barriers. We spoke from our ‘human’ side and not just from our theological side, and that allowed us to cling to our common beliefs and values (Participant of BASICS pilot workshops in Jerusalem).   Fifteen scenarios elaborated as the result of joint effort of all the partners were further presented in two publications – a paper-based handbook and film material on DVD. They are also available on the on-line platform which contains additional educational resources:

Two international events took place as part of the project: a three-day conference “Reading Sacred Texts: a Source of Division or a Medium for Positive Encounter?” in Poland (Krakow) and a five-day Grundtvig course “A Peaceful Way to Experience Diversity” in Turkey (Kocaeli/Istanbul). Moreover, 29 national exploitation events were organized by all the partners, and they proved to be particularly useful in transferring project findings to external adult educators and trainers.


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