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ASPIRE2 CREATE (A2C) addresses the problem of an absence of a training and competency framework for European organisations in the partner countries in one of the EU’s growing economic and employment areas – the Creative and Cultural Industries (CCIs). It takes as its starting point the innovative Competency Framework and Toolkit for Trainers in the Non-formal Learning Sector (NFLS) in the CCIs, which was developed through a 2009 Development of Innovation Leonardo project ‘EURO-ASPIRE’.

The main aim of A2C is to transfer, adapt and develop this innovation in the partner countries. Its key objectives are to (a) transfer the Competency Framework to a new series of countries/regions and with new partners that were not involved previously, in Slovakia, Croatia, Estonia and Italy; (b) adapt and further develop the Framework and Toolkit to a new area – supporting creative business start up and enterprise.

The Euro-Aspire framework was previously developed with a partnership whose emphasis was to foster social inclusion through creative learning. With the new partners in ASPIRE2 CREATE, the transfer will start by retaining this dimension, but adapt the Framework with a new focus on the role of coaches, trainers and business advisers who support the creation of enterprise through creative start ups and self employment.

The partnership brings together organisations that reflect the diverse contexts in which the trainer/adviser group are deployed – artists associations, cultural centres, development agencies, business incubators – from Slovakia, Italy, Croatia and Estonia.

Tangible outcomes include:

– the Aspire Framework will be tested in 4 countries and produced in 4 new language versions;

– 12 trainers will be trained in the use of the Competency Framework through ‘masterclasses’ and online support;

– a new ICT-based data capture tool will be prototyped to assist with portfolio construction;

– 12 trainer/training managers/business advisers will participate in developing the ‘new’ domains for the Framework related to enterprise and creative business start up;

– 45 creative start ups and micro enterprises will receive support aligned to the A2C enterprise development programme;

– Research and needs analysis on the characteristics of business creation in the CCIs in the partner countries, including the gaps in VET provision and accreditation. In terms of impact, A2C will make accessible new, EQF-aligned learning materials for the target group, whose availability will be widely disseminated across the EU;

– formation of strategic links between partners in EU VET systems;

– upskilling of trainers/advisers, and multiplier benefits to creative start ups that they support in-project and beyond.

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