ARTERY: Art – Education – Therapy


ARTERY: Art – Education – Therapy

Grundtvig Multilateral, 2010-2012

Those who deal with art, education and/or therapy every day, know how important it is to get new, fresh inspiration. To learn efficient, attractive methods and techniques useful in work with various target groups. ARTERY platform is just for them! Its focus is artistic work with socially vulnerable groups, especially adults with special needs, disabilities, homeless people, immigrants, and all those in need for support.

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Project coordinator / Project website

The Bielsko Artistic Association Grodzki Theatre, Poland


Partner countries

Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Finland, Spain


Target group

Educators, artists and therapists working with socially disadvantaged adults and their charges.




  • To set up an open virtual learning and communication environment for the exchange of practical approaches

  • To design learning paths through which to show an exemplary set of teaching scenarios

  • To collect material across Europe on how social competences are fostered in artistic, educational and therapeutic settings

  • To build multimedia on-line learning paths through which to engage educators in learning experience

  • To publish a Manual of Social Competence based on shared input from arts workshops, lifelong learning courses and therapeutic sessions

  • To disseminate and exploit the above on a wide European scale

All the goals contribute to the main project objective: to empower marginalized and disadvantaged citizens to develop social competences which put them in a stronger position in society and the labor market.


Project description

The project involved the following activities:
– establishing and maintaining an open, virtual learning environment (ARTERY platform)
– running theatre and visual arts workshops for socially disadvantaged groups in all partner countries for one year – documenting best artistic, educational and therapeutic methods (filming and description)
– editing and publishing a Manual of Social Competence (book and DVD) based on experience from running arts workshops and therapeutic activities
– organizing a Grundtvig course – an international 6 days course for trainers and therapists working with socially disadvantaged groups


Testimonies by the pilot workshop participants:

Our weekly meetings always put me in a cheerful mood, gave me joy, satisfaction, pleasure and great fun. They helped me to overcome stress and to discover the potential of my own actions. I learned many new things. Now I have more courage in contact with other people, more self-esteem and I believe I will manage!

Here in this group I feel like an artist, an actor, and I hope one day I will get a role in a regular TV show or a movie…

I noticed that, thanks to this course, I can improve so much the way I communicate!

The workshops gave me more courage to work in a group. Definitely it was a good exercise for me about teamwork!





  1. Jan Ulrik

    5 August 2014

    Hi Krzysztof,

    The ARTERY project seems quite interesting and I immediately followed the link to the project website – I would like to see all the products! The ARTERY website is a bit difficult to overview, so would be nice with direct links to the products in the objectives section.

    One of my first thoughts was how the ARTERY and the platform differ from the ARTES platform. On this platform you don’t have sign in to have a look at all the great material, but it seems like you have to on the ARTERY platform. Is it still active? Are the platform for another target group?


  2. Teresa

    2 September 2014

    I have read most of the learning paths included in the ARTERY project from the project web site and I found some of them inspiring and connected to my main research area: how to deepen listening abilities. Especially the paths in ‘theatre’… ARTES looks like a successful project and the Grundtvig courses are completing the experience in an excellent way. Thank you for sharing this!

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