Art for Multicultural Communities

5 partner organizations, experienced in artistic education of communities, using music and/or Playback Theatre for personal and community change, from different parts of Europe, decided to cooperate and experience together how arts can contribute to an intercultural dialogue in their local communities and among themselves.

We exchanged diverse ideas and approaches in open workshops, and offered performances to the wider public in multi-ethnic communities in each participating country by visiting each other. This process was partially recorded into digital format.
This partnership aimed to explore ways through which the arts can contribute towards intercultural dialogue. Specifically, through music and playback theatre we planned to build bridges of communication between diverse communities, both in terms of ethnicity but also in terms of socioeconomic and religious background. Each partner organization is experienced in artistic education of communities and uses music and theatre for personal and community change. Such an approach is a powerful tool for influencing values, attitudes and skills, since it is holistic in nature and involves the human mind, spirit and emotions.

Among the open workshop participants there were professionals who work with diverse cultural and ethnic communities as well as members of those communities. They were invited to share and reflect upon their own personal stories perceived and lived in multi-ethnic communities.
This partnership has let us gain new perspectives regarding ways of incorporating drama and music when interacting with “the other” and working with multicultural communities. It was also an opportunity to reflect on how we can live together in our diversity; what our boundaries are; what we need to respect in ourselves and in others; and on how people can be brought closer as they see, hear, feel and share their common humanity.

What we aimed to reach in this project:
• to increase the musical and performance skills, and working alongside them to deepen our knowledge of migrant experiences in the European context
• to outreach to community leaders and social, mental health & development workers to inspire them with the power of the arts as a tool of personal and social change
• to share from our experience, and of our work in creating bridges of understanding between minority communities and the British/Austrian/Hungarian/Estonian/Cypriot mainstream in multicultural cities.
Three Playback Theatre groups in Europe – Adhoc Theater (Vienna), True Heart Theatre (London), Vitakultúra Egyesület/Conflict Culture Association & Pepita Playback Theatre (Budapest) – and two other organisations – one is specialist in music from the European University of Cyprus & the other Erinevate Usundite Loimumise ja Tolerantsuse Allianss ( EUA)/Diverse Faiths Alliance ( DFA ) of Tallin, Estonia is specialised in digital recording,- have been successful in receiving a Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Partnerships grant for two years (2010-2012) to deliver this project.

Vitakultúra Association | Art for Multicultural Commuites |  International Cooperation Quality Award 2013

video about the meeting in Budapest:


  1. Jim

    27 August 2015

    This is a very interesting article and I am sending it to the ALâ Outreach and Training group. Thank you so much for posting this.
    Jim Aherne

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