ARIADNE – Art of Adaptation

Grundtvig Multilateral Project Project, 2010-2012



In order to measure the impact of art on the adaptation of new migrants, the Ariadne for Art project partners will deliver 11 x 30 hour arts workshops. The findings of these pilot interventions will inform the research and consequence assessment methodologies that can be employed when working with migrants.

Project Coordinator

Elan Interculturel, France

Project website

Partner countries:

Hungry, Spain, Greece, UK

Target group :

Migrants, trainers, educators, long life learners


1) Expanding our knowledge on art based methodologies helping adaptation by systematizing theory on how art enhance competences necessary for cross-cultural transition and identifying good practices in participating countries

2) Widening the range of available good quality, reliable methodologies

3) Valorising these methodologies to make them accessible beyond the project duration by transforming them into trainers’ training and editing a manual including theory, good practices and trainer’s resources in partners’ languages

Project description : 

There are 69.8 million estimated international migrants in Europe today (IOM). While their paths and experiences differ greatly, they face common challenges, often including stress, anxiety, loss of self-esteem, and loss of social network. As a consequence many migrants in Europe remain segregated if not marginalized. The Ariadne project seek to use Art as an engaging tool to facilitate improvements on both the individual and the social level, by enhancing the individuals’ artistic and social creativity and also by creating social connections with other migrants. The project offer a set of methodologies (evaluated with a scientific rigor), educational programmes and resources. The aim was to gather information on different often remaining isolated, to edit a manual and to prepare trainers to better help migrants in their adaptation process


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