Against Exclusion


Grundtvig Learning Partnership Project, 2012-2014

This project “Against Exclusion” brought together people who worked closely to activate socially and culturally excluded groups; the project worked with Teachers/Trainers and disadvantaged Adult Learners and provide a real platform to engage these adult learners through various forms of art, drama, film, photography, theatre, drawing, music, dance and crafts.

Through non-formal learning project partners provided adults with pathways to improve their knowledge and competencies, and provide basic skills, social skills and social integration. The idea behind the project was to use the various forms of art, drama, dance and crafts to explore the culture across the individual partners and encourage Teachers and Learners to examine methods of engagement and motivation.

To accomplish this, the involved project partners worked together to perform art, drama, dance and craft exhibitions which were their training object in dealing with effective social integration.


Project coordinator

Libera Universita del Teatro Monteriggioni SI – Italy

Partner countries:

Greece, Germany, Romania, Poland, Austria

Target groups

Socially and culturally excluded groups of people

Project objectives

  1. Wording the problems concerning disadvantaged people and groups. Defining the scope of exclusion as: non-adaptation, addiction, disability, old age seclusion, poverty, social seclusion, ethnic distinctiveness.
  2. Discussion over concepts and practical solutions to be used at work with and for marginalised environments: presentation of partners’ methods of work in spheres of socialization, social welfare, education, and therapy through creativity.
  3. Working out new ways of activating the excluded people, groups, and volunteers, and incorporating them into the everyday life of the organisations.
  4. Boosting social interest towards initiatives which enrich the excluded people’s and groups’ world of experiences through public presentation of their artistic abilities: shaping social awareness towards displaying respect for their creative efforts.
  5. Starting a campaign for changing stereotypes in perceiving and treating people with deficiencies, getting local media and opinion-forming institutions interested in the message of the project.

Methodology of work/workplan for all events

  1. art-therapy workshops: art, theatre, speech training, counselling
  2. drama: a method of engaging the participants and a form of personal expression
  3. lectures, presentations in public event
  4. exhibitions of works of disadvantaged people in festivals
  5. interviews with the participants and volunteers
  6. discussions and consultations (‘face-2-face’ and web)
  7. making DVDs and taking photos of all events.

Project activities/results

  • Inclutivities  – a collection of games, exercises and activities for use in art therapy and training programmes for groups of marginalised and excluded persons
  • Against ExclusionA “heptalogue”, or play in seven acts – pro-created, produced and performed  from September 2012 to September 2014 by the participants of the Against Exclusion project
  • project motion
  • project meetings (inc. biennale in Łódź)
  • project flayer




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